What are Wickless Candles?

Wickless Candles are a very interesting design and are somewhat different than the traditional candles with a wick that we know. They are also called Aroma Lamps and can be used anywhere in the house.

Basically a Wickless Candle or Tart Burner is made of a porcelain or ceramic holder that contains a bulb that warms and the melt the fragrant. You will typically place a couple of scented candle wax blocks in the ceramic holder. The bulb will then melt the wax and then slowly release the fragrant. Wickless Candles has a heat plate inside the holder and the heating bulb can be bought from any hardware store. (Normally a 25watt Bulb) You will need to put the Wickless Candle close to a power outlet as you bulb essentially needs electricity to heat the heat plate and then in turn melt the wax.

Some of the advantages of Wickless Candles that make them so popular is that it don’t have any harmful chemicals or release no smoke residue in the air when you blow it out. Of course being a Wickless Candle, it’s also flameless and that makes it child prove. (That’s if you can keep the kids away from the power outlet). The Candle block will burn for up to 60 to 80 hours which is much longer than your traditional candles.

Scentsy Wickless CandlesPersonally I prefer the traditional candle above the Wickless Candle as it’s not only the aroma or fragrant that makes you relax but the little flame and the dimmed lights creates a very romantic and stylish feel.

I guess the reason why Wickless Candles appeal to some people is because it can provide the lovely smell and scent to your home, without the danger of burning down the house that your traditional candle is capable of. After doing a little “Google-ing”, I found that Scentcy Wickless Candles seems like the most popular of all the Wickless Candles and they actually have a very big range of products. Go check it out…
Scentsy Wickless Candles

Different types of Candles

There is so much you can do with candles and there are so many hobbyists that enjoy making candles as there are so many different types and challenges that they can try out. In this article I will quickly give you a rundown of all the different types of candles that you can make in the comfort of your own home.

Floating Candles

If you are the romantic type and have a pool or a pond at your house this will be the type of candle for you. Floating candles can be simple shapes to realistic and creative designs that can float on water. Normally they have a stable flat shape and a smooth design.

Votive Candles

For the stylish look, Votive Candles are made in heat resistant glass holders. These candle holders are normally cylindrical or square shapes and about 6cm to 6.5cm high. The glass container hold the liquid wax inside while the candle burns.

Pillar Candles

This shape candles are perfect for weddings and dinner parties. Pillar Candles are mostly stand-alone and solid. They vary from tall to short shapes that can be round, square or rectangular. Pillar Candles must be standing on heat resistant bases and can have more than one wick.

Taper Candles

Also known as Dinner Candles, Taper Candles fits tightly in round shaped holders what will keep them in an upright position for safety. Taper Candles are normally tall with sharp points and range from 15cm to 45cm in height and between 2 and 2.5cm.

Container Candles

This type of candle can be made in any heat resistant container whether it is ceramic, glass, clay and even metal. You always need to make sure these candle holders are not flammable for you own safety. Container Candles comes in any shapes and sizes and can be used inside and outside the house.

Tealight Candles

Normally we use this type of candle in the kitchen or bathroom. Tealight Candles are small round metal shaped candles with 3.8cm in diameter and 2cm in height. Some food warmers are designed to hold Tealight Candles and you also get lots of premade holders for bathrooms where you can use Tealight Candles in.

Gel Candles

Gel Candles also create a very stylish look if they are made correctly. Normally they are see-through and some candle makers can be very creative with Gel Candles by putting different objects in the gel for instance sea shells and rocks. The gel is made of mineral oils or synthetic hydrocarbons and can also be made in any shape and sizes.

Special Shaped Candles

This type of Candle is for the very creative hobbyist and are normally 3D shapes that are sculpt from the original size candle. You can also use a mold that will create the 3D shape for you if you are not good with the sculpturing work. Special Shaped Candles are usually for decorative use.

Luminaria Candles

If you are looking for something to use outdoors, the Luminaria Candle is the one for you. It can be a rectangular or round shape and is normally placed in sand. They work fantastic next to a pool, or at your house entrance and all along the garden path.

Scented and Beeswax Candles.

Most of the above different types of Candles can be made with Scent or Beeswax and that can make the challenge even bigger especially with beeswax. Beeswax Candles need to be rolled and it can be very exciting making good looking 3D shaped and sizes. To make Scented Candles is much easier so, you just need to add the scent so you can make all the above candles Scented Candles

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Different Candle Moldes Explained

I’ve found this great video on YouTube by Expertvillage.com. The guy explains all the different kinds of Candle Molds.

Absolutely worth watching for all the smaller tips on molds.

Hope you enjoy it!

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